Mmmmm, Barbeque

I decided to try something I’d been thinking about for a while on the grill – pulled pork (or simply BBQ if you’re from the south).  Since it was a trial run, it was supposed to just be a few immediate family members who’d understand if it went terribly wrong.  Somehow we ended up inviting two cousins, their three kids, and grandmother.  12 people in all – so much for a trial run!
Fortunately, all went well.  I used a Boston Butt (A.K.A pork butt, pork shoulder).  Made a dry rub of paprika, cumin, mustard, pepper, salt, and cayenne pepper.  Marinated it for almost 24 hours.  I slow cooked the roast over indirect heat at about 275 degrees for six hours.  Took it off the grill and let it rest in aluminum foil in a paper sack for 40 minutes.  Added about a quarter cup of my homemade barbeque sauce after chopping it up.
It came out very moist with great flavor.  Next time it needs to be chopped/pulled to smaller pieces.  Barbeque sauce needs to have more tang, less sweetness.  I probably could have taken the meat off the grill at five hours, but the temp was only 170 in the center and the book I was using said should be 185.  I’ll definitely be doing this one again.

Petaluma KOA

We needed a little down-time this past weekend, so we took the MH to the Petaluma KOA campground.  I was a little leery of a KOA campground, but it turned out to be pretty nice.  The sites were wider than most places we’ve been.  Mostly gravel with some grass in between sites.  Easy to navigate the turns in the park and most sites are pull-through.  The camp area itself is nestled in the trees so there was plenty of shade.  Sewer and hook-ups were well maintained.  Plenty of channels on the provided cable hook-up (too many trees to use the satellite).  The campground is definitely geared towards families – lots of kids running around.  We’d certainly consider going again if we wanted a quick weekend getaway that was close.
We relaxed on Friday, and took the motorcycle to Sonoma on Saturday since there wasn’t any decent hiking anywhere nearby.  A good, relaxing weekend. 

Pay Attention!

I witnessed a horrific motorcycle crash while riding to work yesterday.  Some dude blew by me going at least 80 and obviously didn’t see the stopped traffc up ahead.  He had to still be going 50-60 when he tried to split the lanes, went into a death wobble, then pasted himself into the side of a car.  Bummer.
Shook me up a little bit for the rest of the ride to work.  Had me questioning if I’m putting myself at too much risk by commuting to work on the motorcycle each day.  I think I kept a 1/2 mile buffer between me and the car in front of me for the rest of the ride.  I was back to normal on the way home.  However, it was a significant reminder to myself that I need to be dialed in at all times, don’t get complacent, and ATGATT.