Pay Attention!

I witnessed a horrific motorcycle crash while riding to work yesterday.  Some dude blew by me going at least 80 and obviously didn’t see the stopped traffc up ahead.  He had to still be going 50-60 when he tried to split the lanes, went into a death wobble, then pasted himself into the side of a car.  Bummer.
Shook me up a little bit for the rest of the ride to work.  Had me questioning if I’m putting myself at too much risk by commuting to work on the motorcycle each day.  I think I kept a 1/2 mile buffer between me and the car in front of me for the rest of the ride.  I was back to normal on the way home.  However, it was a significant reminder to myself that I need to be dialed in at all times, don’t get complacent, and ATGATT.

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