Trying Something Photos

Tried a new technique yesterday with little success. I only got a couple to even be slightly usable (and not very interesting). As the saying goes, “try, try again”. Or was it “Do or do not. There is no try” ?

San Jose

5 thoughts on “Trying Something Photos”

    1. This was a (bad) attempt at tilt-focus. In this case, done via the poor mans method – in-camera since I don’t have photoshop or other suitable post processing software to do it right.

    1. Thanks! The “real” way to do it would be with a special ($$) lens that allows you to tilt the lens in relation to the imaging element. Most people do with Photoshop where you can muck around with the focal plane. I did neither – discovered a setting in my camera that approximates it. In this case a small Canon Powershot I carry on bike rides/hikes.

      I discovered that it’s really hard to find the actual focal plane in the image with this setting.

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