Mmmmm, Barbeque

I decided to try something I’d been thinking about for a while on the grill – pulled pork (or simply BBQ if you’re from the south).  Since it was a trial run, it was supposed to just be a few immediate family members who’d understand if it went terribly wrong.  Somehow we ended up inviting two cousins, their three kids, and grandmother.  12 people in all – so much for a trial run!
Fortunately, all went well.  I used a Boston Butt (A.K.A pork butt, pork shoulder).  Made a dry rub of paprika, cumin, mustard, pepper, salt, and cayenne pepper.  Marinated it for almost 24 hours.  I slow cooked the roast over indirect heat at about 275 degrees for six hours.  Took it off the grill and let it rest in aluminum foil in a paper sack for 40 minutes.  Added about a quarter cup of my homemade barbeque sauce after chopping it up.
It came out very moist with great flavor.  Next time it needs to be chopped/pulled to smaller pieces.  Barbeque sauce needs to have more tang, less sweetness.  I probably could have taken the meat off the grill at five hours, but the temp was only 170 in the center and the book I was using said should be 185.  I’ll definitely be doing this one again.

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